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About acftv
acftv is an international online company promoting independent documentary film producers who deliver high quality programmes for broadcast world-wide.

The acftv team work directly with independent film documentary companies who have travelled to all corners of the world working with such talent as Sir Arthur C. Clarke, in a retrospective of 2001 A Space Odyssey; Anatoly Yatskov, who masterminded the theft of secrets from the Manhattan project; General Ivan Dmitrevich Yershov, Commander of Soviet Ground Forces which crushed the Prague Spring, to name only a few.

Jamie Doran  

Jamie Doran - Producer / Director / Author

Doran has worked at the highest levels of television film production over the past 22 years, with many of his films leading series both nationally and internationally. More >>

Jeff Healey  

Jeff Healey - Head of Business Operations and Development

Jeff Healey joined acftv from Cisco Systems where he worked in more than 100 countries across EMEA. Prior to Cisco Jeff's 20 year career has covered North America, Canada and the Far East for a variety of global players. More >>

Pier Bizony  

Piers Bizony - Author / Producer

Bizony is an internationally successful writer on science-related subjects. His books include Island in the Sky: Building the International Space Station, The Rivers of Mars and Starman: The Truth Behind the Legend of Yuri Gagarin. More >>

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