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Piers Bizony
Piers Bizony

Piers Bizony

Bizony is a highly regarded popular science writer, publicist and exhibition organiser, specialising in space, film, special effects and technology subjects. His books include:

2001: Filming the Future - an award-winning look at the history and production of the world's most famous science fiction movie

The Rivers of Mars - nominated for the Nasa Eugene M. Emme Award for
Astronautical Writing in 1998, this book tells the story of the search for life on
Mars, in a lively and accessible way.

Digital Domain — a look at the cutting edge of moden hollywood digital effects.

Starman - written with acftv producer/director Jamie Doran, this book tells the real and often surprising story of the world's first space hero.

New Ways of Seeing - due for publication in 2004, this stunning book explores the cutting edge of modern scientific imaging, from brain scans and atomic microscopes, to views of the furthest extremes of the cosmos.

Piers has been a producer or associate producer on a number of acftv documentaries, and continues to work in close alliance with the company.

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