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Jimmy Johnstone
Lord of the Wing
BBC Scotland: UK
The film charts the football career of Jimmy 'Jinky' Johnstone, a Celtic and Scotland hero of the '60s and '70s.
Jimmy Johnstone
Jimmy Johnstone
In a sound studio near the centre of Glasgow, Scotland, one of the world’s best-known bands has flown in from Italy and Ireland in preparation for laying a new track. Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill of Simple Minds are anxious to get it right….because they’re about to record a song with their life-long hero.

In New York, Eusebio, one of the world’s most famous footballers, rushes to JFK airport to fly back early to Europe in order to pay homage to the same man.

Actor, Robert Duvall, raves about “one of the most amazing characters I’ve ever met”; Sir Alex Ferguson speaks of God “breaking the mould” after the man was born and Alfredo DiStefano, President of Real Madrid, praises him in terms high above those of Zidane, Beckham, Raul and the rest.

Johann Cruyff, Sir Bobby Charlton, George Best, Martin O’Neil, Henrik Larsson, Denis Law…………the list is endless.

Yet he is a man some of you, particularly of younger generations, may never have heard of. It is your loss! But that’s about to change.

In what he describes as “an immense honour”, Billy Connolly narrates the true-life story of one of the sporting world’s greatest icons: a man known as “the flea” in the East and “Jinky” in the West, this is a tale of exhilaration and desperation, of joy and immense sadness; of a man who had the world literally at his feet, until that world turned upside down.

This is the story of football’s greatest entertainer: a man with diamond’s in his boots and a heart of gold.

This is the story of JIMMY JOHNSTONE.

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01 January 2003
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Lord of the Wing
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