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Jinky immortalized by world famous jeweller
Phil Carpenter
11 August 2006
Jimmy Johnstone is about to become the only living person since the Czars and Czarinas of Russia to have inspired the creation of one of the world’s most famous jewels.
Sarah Fabergé, great grand-daughter of Peter Carl Fabergé, the famous jeweller to the Russian Royal family, was inspired by Jimmy Johnstone’s film ‘Lord of the Wing’ when it was broadcast on BBC-1, to create a jewelled egg in his honour.
Jeff Healey, who produced the documentary film about Johnstone’s life, said Sarah Fabergé was so moved by it that she got in contact and asked if she could help.

Lord of the Wing film premiere
Glasgow premiere attended by 3,000 people

“Sarah contacted me and said she would like to create something very special for Jinky to help raise funds for his fight against a currently incurable disease,” said Healey.

Jeff and Sarah met to discuss ideas for the egg, to be created in gold and silver, depicting diamond encrusted imagery to celebrate Jinky’s illustrious career with Celtic.

The limited edition of nineteen hand-crafted pieces, costing £10,000 each, represent the winners’ medals he won between 1966 and 1974.

"I have been amazed by the intensity of the interest in reserving the eggs and subsequent work load in obtaining copyright and trade mark clearances from UEFA, SFA, SFL and Celtic football club.

Jeff Healey and Peter Lawwell
Jeff Healey and Peter Lawwell in Celtic board room with Jinky medals

“Everyone has been incredibly supportive in what I can only imagine to normally be an extremely lengthy bureaucratic process," said Healey.

The first egg will be completed in May 2005 and the first public unveiling ceremony will be at the House of Commons on June 7th, followed by a glittering unveiling dinner party for 400 guests at the Glasgow Hilton Hotel on the 8th.

Funds raised from the sale of the jewels will go to help care for Jimmy in his battle against motor neurone disease.

"I intend to raise at least £50,000 and donate this to Jimmy once all the tribute eggs are sold.

"This will add to money Jimmy has received from the sale of the film which inspired Sarah," said Healey.

Although all the nineteen handcrafted eggs are the same. Sarah Fabergé has decided in traditional Fabergé mystery that they will come with a certificate associating them with a specific medal, it is thought, but not known, the first nine will represent his nine-in-a-row league championship medals.

The number of the egg associated with the European Cup will be revealed at the Glasgow dinner and following on the long held Faberge tradition of surprise their craftsmen will select one of the nineteen to be dedicated to the European Cup.

“The egg is still nameless and we are in discussion with Celtic and T-mobile to run a ‘name the Jinky egg’ competition by text messaging,” said Healey.

Jeff Healey and Sarah Faberge
Jeff Healey and Sarah Faberge at recent launch of the Trafalgar Egg

One egg is temporarily being held back and will become the first prize if the competition gets the green light from Celtic and their mobile sponsor.

Sarah Fabergé will select the winning title and should there be more than one winner it is expected a half-time draw will be made on the Parkhead pitch to select the outright winner, with all those included in the draw receiving a special consolation prize to be selected by Jinky.
Source: Jimmy Johnstone.com
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